Beautifully Brave
Beautifully Brave

Beautifully Brave

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With Beautifully Brave, foster your inner light through authentic self-love exercises and practices that are easy to use in the real world.

Discover your true power and follow the roadmap of inspiration to your highest self.

Beautifully Brave is your unconventional guide and permission slip to courageously step into a new you and new life--written by Sarah Pendrick, founder of the women's empowerment movement and lifestyle brand GirlTalk Network. Sarah has supported thousands of women to reach their highest calling by embracing who they were always meant to be. Now she will support you to claim your truths through Beautifully Brave.

This book delivers a powerful framework that empowers you to move beyond self-doubt, fear, regret, and guilt so you can connect deeply to your intuition and BRAVELY claim your truest self.

You will fall madly in love with yourself and feel worthy of creating your dreams and desires. You will discover how to embody your true power through practices that release people-pleasing, playing small, and needing external validation, and live in alignment with your highest knowing. Regardless of where you are on your journey to your most loved self, this guide meets you there and will continue to take you to new depths of your own inner power, self-awareness, and consciousness.


208 pages

7.75" x 1" x 10"


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