CONGRATS - Gold Foil Letter Balloon Pack

CONGRATS - Gold Foil Letter Balloon Pack

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The perfect decoration for any happy occasion, these 16”high letter balloons spell the word CONGRATS. Designed to be attached to a string or taped to a wall, simply inflate each balloon with air and attach it to a string with the built in tabs to make a celebratory banner. Each balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the air from escaping after it's inflated.

Inflate balloon with air-only. Balloon does not float and arrives uninflated. Includes mini straw for easy air-filled inflation. Tape and hanging devices not included. 

  • Letter size: 16 inches tall
  • Fill with air - no helium needed
  • Material: Foil/Mylar
  • Product is shipped deflated
  • Easy self seal 
  • Made in the USA

These oversized, word balloons are great for so many happy occasions and make a great statement piece for any backdrop.

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