Rose Water Hydrating Mist
Rose Water Hydrating Mist

Rose Water Hydrating Mist

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Rose Water is a wonderfully hydrating, refreshing way to tone, cool, moisturize and soothe tired skin, hair and spirits.
Completely pure with absolutely no additives or alcohol. Naturally revitalizes and moisturizes skin for a refreshed look.
• Perfect makeup setting spray
• Tones and cleans skin naturally
• Restores moisture for smoother, shinier hair
• Refresh tired skin as a facial mist
• Freshen a cloth face mask with a spritz between washes
• Naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
• Contains beneficial anti-oxidants and vitamins 
The scent of rose is known for elevating mood by reducing stress hormones in the body. With anti-inflammatory properties and containing anti-oxidants, rose water beautifully fragrant way to calm, soothe and hydrate.
Ingredients: Pure Rose Water
2 oz.
Frosted glass bottle with mist spray top

Made in the USA

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